Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church of Austin was founded by the late Pastor Thomas L. Sneed in 1981. Led by God to one of the ruralist parts of Austin at the time, in a revelation that the church he was to establish would be here at the corner of Gardner and Bolm, a place of weeds, tall grass and trees.  Pastor T.L. Sneed did not know how this was to be, but only that it would be so because God commanded it. 

When Pastor T.L. Sneed began to take the path God laid out for him, there were many trials and tribulations and a lot of I don't know how Lord statements. But when the work of the Lord is being done, no one can stop it.  Together with only five founding members, the land was bought and the first building was built. The church was named from a drawing out of a hat in which all five founding members picked the exact same name "Solid Rock".  The church was so blessed by the faith walk of Pastor Sneed that a second building was built. Pastor Sneed, a faithful shepherd led his flock until his passing in 2016. 

As God appointed Joshua to succeed Moses (Deuteronomy 31) God chose a second Pastor for the church built on the faith walk of Pastor Sneed.  Pastor John M. Perez accepted his God given appointment to lead Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church of Austin family as its second Pastor.  As Moses said to Joshua "Be strong and courageous, the Lord himself goes before you and will be with you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged" (Deuteronomy 31: 7-8) Pastor Perez continues the legacy and teachings of the late Pastor T. L. Sneed.